GeneSegues is focused on advancing DNA and RNA-based vaccine and drug development through novel sub-50 nanometer (s50) capsule delivery technology. Our value proposition is that we provide vaccine and drug developers with a versatile and clinically-relevant system for delivering nucleic acids safely and intact to the interior of the target cell.

Nucleic acid-based drugs offer significant potential in the clinic because they are highly specific, potent, and straightforward to design, and can be used toward virtually any molecular target. The problem, however, is that mammalian organisms efficiently protect themselves from invasion by large, charged molecules such as DNA and RNA, through a series of biological barriers, the most significant being the defense mechanisms found within cells.

The unique size and crystalline structure of s50 capsules allows us to exploit the size-sensitive lipid raft pathway into the target cell, to evade the cell's defense mechanisms and safely deliver vaccine or drug cargo intact to the desired intracellular site. Cell-specific targeting is achieved by formulating the modular capsule shell with an appropriate protein or other targeting ligand.

We are developing partnerships with vaccine and drug developers for delivery of partner nucleic acid molecules via intravenous, subcutaneous, or topical administration, for a range of diseases.

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